Activities and sports

We've compiled a list of activities that are sure to make your stay in Hafnarfjörður exciting and memorable.

Annríki Icelandic Costumes 22

Specialises in beautiful national Icelandic costumes and traditional filigree jewellery and accessories. Offers group visits with a five-guest minimum. Suðurgata 73, Tel. (+354) 898 1573 -

Íshús Hafnarfjarðar 23 A former freezing plant that now functions as a design space for designers, craftsmen and artists. This dynamic place is situated by the harbour. Íshúsið offers fun group visits with a five-guest minimum. Strandgata 90, Tel. (+354) 663 0666 -

Guided Hidden World Takes you to the dwellings of the hidden people while sharing the stories about the magical hidden worlds along the way. Starts at the Ráðhús (2) Strandgata 6, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 14:30 during summer. Other times upon request. Price: 4.500 ISK per person, map of the hidden worlds included. Duration: 1.5–2 hours. Tel. (+354) 694 2785 -

Íshestar horse riding tours 97 Íshestar horse riding tours. Riding the Icelandic horse is the most authentic travel experience you can get and we look forward to giving you an opportunity to enjoy the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings. Pick-up service provided. Sörlaskeið 26, Tel. (+354) 555 7000

Hraunhestar 98
Short riding tours in the beautiful and peaceful nature around Hafnarfjörður. The landscape is filled with mountains, trees and lava that flowed thousands of years ago. Personalised service on lovely, solid horses. Kaplaskeið 16, Tel. (+354) 568 6808

Keilir Golf Course 86 PLAY THE TOP RANKED COURSE IN ICELAND, KEILIR GOLF COURSE. A links course with the front nine surrounded by lava and the back nine played on a small peninsula at the entrance into the Hafnarfjordur harbor, with spectacular views to Snaefellsjokull glacier and the Alftanes peninsula. Keilir Golf Course is about skill and accuracy over power and distance, particularly when dealing with the lava field in the front nine. In 2016 Keilir golf club was voted as 15th best golf course in the Nordic Country by Golf Digest. Tel. (+354) 565 3360 -

Setberg Golf Course 95 A magnificent 18-hole golf course, covering an area of 162 acres. Opened in 1997, located in beautiful surroundings in the immediate vicinity of the greater area of Urriðavatnsdalir. Fagrabergi 30, Tel. (+354) 565 5690 -

Þytur Sailing Club 50 Strandgata 88, Tel. (+354) 555 3422

Motorsport Club Hafnarfjörður (Kvartmíluklúbburinn) Motorsport Arena, Krísuvíkurvegur

Shooting Club Hafnarfjörður (Skotíþróttafélag Hafnarfjarðar) Trap shooting field. Iðuvellir, Kapelluhraun, Tel. (+354) 824 6127

HRESS Fitness Centre 54 Dalshraun 11, Tel. (+354) 565 2212 -

World Class Fitness Centre 55 Dalshraun 1, Tel. (+354) 517 0607 -

Reebok Fitness Fitness Centre 87 Tjarnarvellir 3, Tel. (+354) -


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