Geothermal Swimming Pools

With an endless supply of geothermal water, it's not surprising that swimming pools and hot tubs have become a quintessential part of Icelandic culture.

Hafnarfjörður is home to three excellent pools, so be sure to take a dip!

Sundhöllin 46 Built in 1943, this handsome indoor pool by the sea is the oldest in town. Features outdoor hot tubs and a sauna.Suðurbæjarlaug 47 An outdoor pool with two water slides, outdoor hot tubs, steam room, a small indoor pool and a gym.

Ásvallalaug 48 A large indoor swimming pool with a water slide, children's pool, steam room, and hot tubs both inside and outside. Located right by Hotel Vellir. All visitors to Iceland MUST try the famous warm-water pools. In Hafnarfjörður, like other parts of the country, pools are extraordinarily popular and well frequented. Neighbours congregate in the ‘hot pots' (hot tubs), which are favoured meeting spots for discussing politics and current events.

Hafnarfjörður is the proud home of three pools: one north of the town centre near the Víðistaðatún campsite, one in the southern part of town, and the third at Ásvellir, the newest part of town. All pools are heated with natural geothermal water, which is cooled down to a comfortable 26°C (79°F) (warmer in the ‘hot pots'). Some of the pools have fitness centres for health-conscious visitors.


Suðurbæjarlaug offers both indoor and outdoor pools as well as recreational facilities. In the swimming areas, there's a 25-m (82-foot) outdoor pool, a 12.5-m (41-foot) indoor pool, hot pots, a steam bath, and a water slide. The recreational areas offer a solarium, massage, and a Nautilus gym.

Hringbraut 77, Tel: 565 3080.

Open Mon to Fri 06:30 - 21.00, Sat 8:00 - 18:00, Sun 8:00 - 17:00.


The newest and most child-friendly pool, Ásvallalaug is also the biggest thermal pool in Iceland at about 6,000 m² (65,000 feet²). The site, which is all indoors, offers a 50-m (165-foot) lap pool, four hot pots, a large shallow children's pool, a slide, a sauna, a solarium, a gym, and a steam bath.

Ásvellir 2, 221 Hafnarfjörður Tel: 512-4050

Opening hours Monday to Friday 6:30-21:00, Saturdays 08:00-18:00 and Sundays 08:00 - 17:00.

Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar

This beautiful historic indoor pool is the oldest in the region. The facility also contains a sauna and outdoor hot pots.

Herjólfsgata 10, Tel: 555-0088.

Open Mon to Fri 06:30 - 19:00, Sat and Sun Closed


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