Festivals and events

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 Bright Days

Held every summer, Bright Days (Bjartir dagar) start on 30th of  May and end June 2nd. This annual arts festival hosts a wide range of musical, cultural and artistic events to suit any taste.

Annual Seamen's Day

Annual festivities on the first Sunday in June. Held on on 2nd of June in 2013, right at the end of Bright Days.

The Viking Festival

The Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður starts on the 14th of June and ends on the 17th. Take in the sights and sounds as Vikings of all ages come together to barter goods, eat and meet everyone else. Festivities will take place in the area surrounding the Viking Village – hotel and restaurant in Hafnarfjörður town centre. www.fjorukrain.is

The Christmas Village (market)

The Christmas Village in downtown Hafnarfjörður will start on the last weekend in November and will stay open every weekend until Christmas. A feast of sights and sounds, the Christmas Village offers live entertainment on every day it opens, and of course sells beautiful handcrafted items in the quaint village of Christmas houses. Don't forget to try some of the homemade Icelandic delicacies!

Here you can see a video of the Christmas Village: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTVfPAnfv4U