Humorous Hafnarfjörður

Many countries have a tradition of making fun of a particular unusual, or special region, or town of theirs. Often this is in the form of funny stories about simpletons or odd people. It appears the behavior of Hafnarfjörður´s residents, who are generally called Hafnfirðingar is a fountain of inspiration for comedians and clowns all around the country. So, Hafnarfjörður is Iceland´s choice for this delightful distinction. Hafnfirðingurs are good-natured about this and enjoy it themselves. Many, especially youngsters, collect these jokes and know an incredible number of them.

Town comics and entertainers are very well-known in Iceland and this strengthens even more the town reputation for fun. These comedians perform often on radio, television and stage and are real professionals. It may well be our town water supply which instills humor in our people, who knows?

Why are there two daily tides in Hafnarfjörður?

When Hafnfirðingar first came to the shore, the waters were so shocked the immediately retreated. Now the waters come twice a day to see if the Hafnfirðingar are still there.

Why do Hafnfirðingar put all their chairs out on the balconies i the latter part of the day?

To give the sun a place to set, naturally


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