Museum of Hafnarfjörður

The Hafnarfjörður Museum exhibits cultural artefacts and photographs of the town and its surrounding region. Housed in a number of buildings and outposts around Hafnarfjörður, the museum's collection offers extraordinary insight into the region's rich heritage.


Pakkhusid Three exhibits run concurrently at this tastefully restored, charming blue building that was formerly used as a warehouse. On display are two permanent exhibitions, one on the history of Hafnarfjörður and the other featuring classic toys and children's goods. A third, temporary exhibition on various themes rotates throughout the year.

Pakkhúsið also has a small Tourist Information Office – Tel. +354 585 5780 Open daily from 11–17 in June, July and August. At other times of year: Sat. – Sun. 11–17.

The Sívertsen´s House

Sívertsen's House (Vesturgata 6) is the oldest house in Hafnarfjörður. Built from 1803-1805 by the great entrepreneur and fishing merchant Bjarni Sívertsen, it has since been restored to its original state. The house depicts how an upper-class family in Hafnarfjörður lived at the beginning of the 19th century. Open daily from 11-17 in June, July and August.

The Bookless Bungalow

Bookless Bungalow (Vesturgata 32) was built in 1918 by Scottish brothers who ran a large fisheries plant. For many years, they were the largest employer in town. Today, the restored house contains an exhibition describing foreign fishing enterprises in Hafnarfjörður at the start of the 20th century. Open daily from 11–17 in June, July and August.


Built in 1902, Siggubær has been preserved as an example of the home of a labourer and a seaman in Hafnarfjörður at the beginning of the 20th century. Here you can experience how the common people lived at the time. Open on Sat. – Sun. from 11-17 in June, July and August.



The Museum of Commerce, Beggubúð (Vesturgata 8), was built in 1906 and stood for many years on the main shopping street. The building has been moved and restored and is now situated at Museum Square which is behind Pakkhúsið at Vesturgata 8. The house is open daily from 11-17 in June, July and August. Gúttó (Suðurgata 7)

The Good Templars Hall

When the Good Templars Hall was built in 1886 it was considered an extraordinarily large building—it could accommodate 300 people and the town's population was only 400. As Hafnarfjördur's first public hall, it was the centre of cultural and social activity. In addition to being used for gatherings of the Good Templars' Order, the venue was the site of the first town council. Today, an exhibit here depicts the development of sports and community in Hafnarfjördur. Open on Sat. – Sun. from 11-17 in June, July and August.


The Shore Walk

Along the paved shoreline path, a photographic exhibit depicts the life and times of the people who built the town of Hafnarfjörður.


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