Hafnarfjörður welcomes you

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Just a short distance from Reykjavík, but with a personality all its own, Hafnarfjörður is a friendly seaside community that is home to varied birdlife, numerous natural wonders - and Iceland's largest population of the huldufólk, those mysterious but friendly elves who live in the many crags and lava rocks that are scattered throughout the town.

Hafnarfjörður is known as "the town in the lava" because of its proximity to wildly shaped lava formations, btu in addition to this striking feature there is a charming harbour, numerous shoos, cafés and galleries and a thriving cultural life.

Just a short drive from the town centre you'll find many of Iceland's most well known natural features, including geothermal fields, stunning seaside views, mountains, and pristine lakes. Enjoy hikes or horesback rides in these unforgettable surroundings.

Children of all ages, and their adult companions, will enjoy visiting one of the community's three geothermal pools, or attending the annual Viking festival. Hafnarfjörður is also a gayfriendly town that welcomes visitors from across the globe.

Whether you're visiting during summer's endless midnight sun, making a stop at the popular Christmas village and enjoying winter's cosy atmosphere, or strolling by the sea to witness one of spring and autumn's lingering sunsets, enjoy Hafnarfjörður for an authentic community experience in Iceland.


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